Hand woven in Bengal, all products are finished on the Loom. Weaving techniques like Jamdani and double cloth weaving are used - to highlight part of the design or manipulate it in such a way that it becomes unrecognizable.

By pushing the boundaries of weaving, it is possible to deconstruct the entire process and create products that are as creative as they are utilitarian. Yarns are sourced from what is locally available such as mulberry and spun silk, tussahs, mugas, cotton and khadi.


warp print

Warp threads are printed and then woven
. Ethereal and almost ghostlike after weaving, these scarves resemble the delicacy of broken cobwebs, bird feathers and fingerprints.


Working with the ancient technique of double cloth weaving, Flap! Scarves create the illusion that one cloth is passing through another. A combination of textures, stripes, twisted yarns and solid colours are used to bring to life flaps of all shapes and sizes. The collection includes border flap, selvedge flap, flip flap, gap flap and others….


Originally 'Jamdani' was derived from the Persian word 'jam dar' connoting a species of fine cotton with spots and flowers woven on the loom.
Bai lou jamdani scarves use this technique of inserting by hand, lengths of thread to make motifs and designs.



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